Who we are……


Our company name, KANOYA, which is also our family name proudly carried down from my grandfather, means “Dreams come true”.



Our core business mission is to support people’s dreams come true, and that is exactly what we do through connecting businesses and providing leasing opportunities to our clients.



What we do……


With our long history and rich experience in connecting businesses and supporting business owner’s dreams come true, we happily and proudly consult overseas clients who are willing to reach out to partners in Japan.



With a client network of over 7,000 businesses, having 80% deeply related to the food industry, we are confident to connect you to your perfect match to expand your business in Japan. 



How we can help you……


Currently the Japanese food market is eager to establish new venues and discover new varieties of foods in order to satisfy the rapidly evolving consumer’s needs. Diversity is in great demand, and business owners are seeking partners who are interested in joining the adventure of creating a new boom in the already established Japanese food market.



We are able to connect you to businesses of all size and form. Individual enterprises, Franchise, Joint venture, and any other kind and style of business you wish to meet, we are happy to match you.



We have clients in the following styles of Japanese food, and more; All styles of Sushi , all styles of noodles, Tonkotsu, Sashimi, Tenpura, Wagyu, Okonomiyaki, Tonkatsu, Curry, Yakimeshi, Hayashi rice, Kamameshi, Onigiri, Gyūdon, Katsudon, Oyakodon, Tekkadon, Tendon, Unadon, Kushikatsu, Gyoza, Kushiyaki, Takoyaki, Teriyaki, Unagi, Yakiniku, Yakitori, Yakiimo, Pasta, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Asian, Ethnic food, Cafés, Patisseries, bakeries and more.

◆Your steps……


1.Contact us by email:


2.Appoint a meeting with us via zoom, LINE, Whats-app


Once we come to an agreement, and a contract is signed, we will start promoting your business and matching your service with our clients.


◆Our Fee……


1.First Term: US$500 for general market research


2.Second Term: Decided upon results of first term


◆Your benefits……


1.Free professional translation service of items under 200 words  


2.Free posts and links to your website in Japanese through Kanoya’s website


3.Three sessions of free introduction and PR emails to our 7,000 clients (mainly restaurants and outlets) over a three-month period. 

Make your Dreams come true with KANOYA